Letters of Appreciation: #1 Mid-Columbia Library

Dear Mid-Columbia Library,

Though the first letter is a lot of pressure, I have chosen you to start with because you're at the top of my mind. I must mention that despite writing to you first, my letters will be in no particular order; I do not appreciate your organization and services more than I do, say, my family. It's just that I was thinking of you and it seemed as good a time as any to express my appreciation.

Thank you for your services. Thank you for being convenient, both in location as well as offering so many books for digital checkout. You have saved me hundreds of dollars both in book costs as well as gas, and so many measures of frustration and probably quite a few hours, too. Being able to go online to request a book, to download it, and loading ebooks onto my Nook or audiobooks onto my iPod, for free, is amazing. Not having to go to the actual library is a bonus, as it allows me to spend my already limited time reading the books you offer, not running annoying errands to pick up or return (or keep track of) your tomes. You have given me the ability to do more of what I like (reading) and less of what I don't (driving unnecessarily). This is invaluable to a grad student whose recreational time is relatively nonexistent, so thank you. I am grateful that you exist.


Appreciation and Gratefulness.

In general, I'm a negative person. I'm a hopeful pessimist, and I am bitter more than I am grateful. These are things I would like to change about myself, but it seems about as easy as changing my feet into fins, or my hair into leaves. You might remember that I'm getting my Masters in Social Work degree, and, as a requirement of this program, at my university, at least, a Social Work and Religion class is required. Another thing that I am not is comfortable with discussing religion or spirituality, particularly with a room full of relative strangers. Thankfully, for the most part, this class is broken up into smaller, more easily tolerable pieces like forgiveness, callings, and gratefulness.

Yesterday, the topic of discussion was gratefulness. Appreciation. And I realized that I don't appreciate as much as I should, and I express appreciation to those around me even less than that. So, as a way to notice more often the good in life; to find something, even small, to appreciate about the day or week, and train myself to be more positive, I'm going to write letters. One hundred letters, over however long it takes me to write them. One hundred letters of appreciation on this blog, and shared, when applicable, with those about whom they are written.