Nine Things About New England:

(I am spending three days in Massachusetts and Connecticut this week for work. This is my first trip to New England, and it has been informative.)

1. In the Boston Metro Area, I can't not think of Julianne Moore on 30 Rock when I hear women speaking. Particularly when she says, "You're a wackadoo, Donaghy."
2. We have driven all over MA and CT, and I have seen not a single Starbucks.
3. I have, however, counted as many as six Dunkin' Donuts locations in a five minute drive on the same street.
4. Scrunchies appear to be in vogue here, though I'm not sure if it's a trend resurgence or a holdover from the acid-washed days of yore. I have seen countless examples, including many young and apparently otherwise fashionable women who turn around to reveal ponytails in scrunchies.
5. It is much, much colder than I was expecting. I brought a thin fleece with me. This was a mistake.
6. The hotel clerk who was asked for "good, close" restaurant recommendations last night included McDonald's in his list of options. I think he needs a refresher on the definition of the words "good" and "restaurant."
7. I have absolutely no idea where I am at any point in time, geographically. This part of the country is, embarrassingly, just a jumble of tiny states, in my head. I have made a mental note to remedy this.
8. The only thing I have purchased, souvenir-wise, has been a Bruins jersey for Chris. This is another thing I have added to my "To-Remedy" list.
9. Tomorrow I leave for home at six a.m. Because I am still on Pacific time, it will feel like three a.m. Ouch.

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