Some Math.

As previously mentioned, I'm making a scrapbook for one of the players on my hockey team this season. This is my second scrapbook, the first consisting of stickers, mementos and pictures from my teenage years glue-stuck onto random paper, without any sort of theme to either the book or the individual pages. Therefore, it has taken me quite by surprise how much time and money (and anxiety, of course) I am spending on this particular project.

I have been spending the past several evenings scrapping after work and before bed; I usually spend two to three hours at a time, and finish one page per evening. I have completed five pages thus far, approximately ten percent of the total book. If this is to be the rate of my page completion, I will spend 100 to 150 hours putting the book together, and that doesn't even count shopping for supplies or getting inspiration from scrapbook layouts online. In addition, each page has an average of six pictures, costing approximately $2.08 per page (most of the pictures are wallet-size, which come four to an order for thirty nine cents. I'm counting the cost of the entire 4-pack of wallets, since I have to pay for the whole thing), and two pieces of paper costing about fifty cents apiece, plus embellishments (let's call it fifty cents a page, for those), meaning that I'm spending roughly $3.58 per page, and at fifty pages, I've spent about $180. That's without the tools and adhesives that I had to buy for scrapbooking (but that I'll be able to use in the future) or the book itself.

...Wow. That is all*.

*I have to put in a disclaimer here that I totally don't mind spending the time or money, particularly since my player is adorable and incredibly nice, but I had no concept of what I was signing up for when I did this. Also, the time and money has added up along the way, and it is no way a hardship for me to complete this project. The numbers are a marvel, for entertainment value only, and this post is mostly to remind myself at the beginning of next season exactly what I'm getting myself into. I know it is all completely worth it, the stress, effort, time, and money notwithstanding.


"Dave Schultz" said...

it is indeed spendy, I have found one trick is to do creative stuff with paper, since that's one of the cheaper supplies. Also, once you've accumulated a large (spendy) supply of hockey stuff, it gets cheaper since you have a lot of stuff in your stash.

amanda said...

I've been (trying to, at least) doing that... I vastly underestimated how much paper I'd need. I haven't been getting much strictly-hockey stuff, mostly different brads and rivets and such, in the appropriate colors, but honestly the most expensive things have been the different punches and stamps and adhesives. Next year it will probably cost a lot less.

BTW I have a bunch of wallets to give you, if you want them, and a ton of extras for people to paw through if they need more pics.

"Dave Schultz" said...

sure, we're getting together again Saturday at my house, but you're going to Enemy Territory? If not, come on down! :) Otherwise, I'll see you at game tomorrow.

Becky said...

Yeah, scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby! Though I like to think of the tools as an investment, and try to limit myself to ones I can use for multiple things. And I try to do as much with paper that I have on hand and recycled objects that I can pick up around the house or from events for free (programs, coasters, stuff like that.)

One thing that might help with the photos next time is you can make basically wallet-sized prints in programs like Photoshop by shrinking a couple of pics to fit on a standard 4x6 print. (Something I recently discovered in a magazine.) So you can basically get 2-4 pics for the price of one print. It takes a little time, but given that I'm one who likes to take tons of pictures and then has trouble fitting them all on a page because there's too many good ones to narrow down, I think it'll be worth it. Once I get back to my albums, anyway!