Resolutions. Of the New Year's variety. I'm not usually one to make them, and when I do, I'm not one to keep them. Therefore, for the past... many years, I've neglected to enter the shame-spiral that is resolving to do a thing and then giving up on it.

This year, however, I have decided to make a few; comprised of things to keep in mind throughout the year, rather than finite "I shall lose XX pounds" or "I will drink no soda" proclamations. I will build in a sentiment of "I will try to" rather than "I will", and not beat myself up if I, say, choose to have a caffeinated beverage now and again.

1. Take more pictures.

[The most recent picture of Chris and me was taken over six months ago. That is sad.]

2. Drink more water.

[It's healthy. Plus I look and feel better when I'm hydrated.]

3. Plan meals (lunches and dinners) in advance, more often.

[Otherwise, food goes unused in my cupboards and I buy a lot from convenience stores and fast food joints because it's the 11th hour and I have no time to cook and I'm HUNGRY.]

4. Eat out less often.

[It is criminal how much money we spend per month on food that we do not cook. This goes hand in hand with the previous item.]

5. Think more carefully about intended purchases: is it replacing something that is broken or a necessity to daily life? Do I have something that will work for the same function? Is there another option? Can I wait to buy it?

[I impulse-buy more than I'd like to, and we have a lot of STUFF in our apartment, which is at capacity. I would like to learn to make my possessions go further and to use what I have more often than using consumption as a solution to problems.]

6. Hopefully, these items will lead to saving more money.

[A safety net is a good thing.]

What are your resolutions?

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