So I missed a post yesterday. I think that disqualifies me from Nablopomo, but I care not.

Such attitude has been characteristic of this day; it was a day of nothing great or terrible, but entirely "meh." I keep hoping to get inspired or at least act a fool and have something to report, but as the days of the week blend into one another and I spend them all sitting in front of a monitor, I'm afraid I just don't have any exciting stories.

School starts tomorrow; I am making entirely too big of a deal out of two (easy) online classes and one (likely to be easy) class on campus, once a week. I also have an internship to complete this semester, but it doesn't sound as though that will be particularly challenging, either. I think this is what senioritis feels like; a total state of ennui when school activities or assignments are involved. As I was never a senior in high school, I wouldn't know, but if it's this? I'm glad I missed it.

Oh! Here's something. Remember that time I told everyone I was using various Philosophy products and to keep on the look-out for fabulous, gleaming skin coming from this direction?* Well, after about a week and a half, I started having... effects, you could say. If, when you said effects, you meant that the lower half of my face had dry patches and, eventually, discolored burn-like THINGS that made me look gorgeous, indeed. Luckily, if I slathered enough Vaseline on, stopped using Philosophy and any makeup that wasn't on or around my eyes, I looked like a slightly greasier and more scarred version of myself. I switched to Aveeno for Lepers and my face is almost back to normal, if a little scaly.


Maybe tomorrow I'll finally post some crafts, or something. Isn't that what you're here for?

*It was implied.

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