Did You Miss Me?

Wow. I am bad at (consistent) blogging. Since my last post, almost six months have elapsed, during which time I have worked a lot, passed eighteen credits with a 3.85 GPA, and crafted only a little. Though I've been on break from school for nearly three weeks, Christmas shopping, crafting, and festivities have eaten up most of my time, and it's only now, with the New Year on the horizon, twelve months until graduation, and two weeks left of the vacation, that I'm able to get back and check in.

To go along with my triumphant return, I've decided to do NaBloPoMo for January. I have plenty to tell you, and a bunch of projects to post, so it should be fairly breezy.

So! Let's catch up: In the past six months, I have...

-put in six months at my semi-new job
-thoroughly enjoyed my season tickets to the local hockey team
-obtained a passport
-gone to Vancouver, BC for the first time
-discovered a love for Cranium (the game)
-committed to making a scrapbook of the season for one of the players on the aforementioned hockey team
-learned to use Adobe InDesign and Illustrator
-made another quilt... and a half

...And I guess that's about it, for the broad strokes. What about you?