Summer Jam*

I had never made jam, but I always wanted to. When one of the honchos at work brought in a huge haul of cherries from his orchard, I saw potential. So I took several pounds of them and asked my stepmom to teach me how to to make jam.

After searching awhile for jam recipes with cherries, I decided on a recipe and bought some blueberries. We adapted this recipe for Blueberry Cherry Jam, and doubled the batch. Aside from pitting the cherries, which took about forever, it was so easy! It ended up making 18 jars, some of which will be put into baskets with other goodies for Christmas. [Side note: every year, we have made several different varieties of cookies and given them in fun boxes or tins to family and friends as Christmas gifts. Though this has become something people look forward to, it takes WAY too long and is WAY too intensive for us to continue stressing over in the days right before our gift exchanges. This year, we're trying something new; something we can do most of the work on months in advance. We'll collect baskets and include a few different jam varieties, and then I'll bake some sort of fancy bread loaves to put in, as well. I'm trying to come up with some other (easy) goodies to include, but it's still early.]

Two weeks in, we had already gone through a jar and a quarter of the Blueberry Cherry jam, which, in case you're wondering, came out amazingly delicious.

The jam in question. Note that the jar on the right has already been dipped into.

Then, the aforementioned honcho brought in his harvest of apricots. Knowing that my father-in-law goes nuts for anything with apricots, I decided to try my hand at making jam without help. I borrowed my stepmom's canning equipment and made two batches over two days, which made two pint jars and ten half-pints. This recipe was even easier than the last, and I'm fairly certain there'll be more jam before summer's end. I haven't tried the apricot jam yet, but it looks and smells good, and I think my father-in-law is going to thoroughly enjoy his presents this year (and so will I, because the man is nearly impossible to shop for).

*Be glad I didn't give in to my urge to title this something punny, like "We Be Jammin'," "Jam On," or "Jammin' Mon."


Toby said...

lmao. Jammin' mon.

Becky said...

Yum, those both sound so good!

Dee Light said...

I love making jam, their's something so homey about it.

Your's looks delish!!

Swistle said...

Mmmmmmm....WANT JAM. If only to gaze at the jewel-like jars.