Baby Matt's Felt Name Book

The trouble with "I'm back" proclamations is that after you make them, you have to have something to say. Since my last report, I have secured a job; I'm almost five weeks into a new gig as a Sales and Marketing Assistant, which has been interesting, to say the least.

So blame my (extended) absence on the stress and learning curve of a new job, on summer break, or on a lack of crafting. Until a week or so ago, I hadn't been doing anything much in the way of creative pursuits, but I'm coming up on some deadlines, so I have a few things to share. I'll start with just one today: my nephew's first birthday present, Baby Matt's Felt Name Book.

Soon after I wrote this post, I started sketching plans for each page, which consist of one letter of Matthew's name and a picture of something that corresponds with the letter. Then I bought what seemed like a billion pieces of felt and some assorted notions. I started working very slowly on the pages of what would become the felt name book.

In almost six months, I had completed only two pages. Last week, I realized that I had just over a month and a half before Matt's August birthday to do the other five letters, the cover page, the title page (you'll see), and to bind the thing. I had to get working. Here's what I've got done so far:

M is for Mittens.
This one isn't as crooked as it looks; it's just the way I took the picture. This is mostly felt with ric-rac and button trim for the mittens and snowflake buttons on the background.

T is for Train.
This is all felt except for the wheels, which are black buttons. And the embroidery floss, obviously.

T is for Tree.
This one took forevvver. The leaves are three different hues of green felt that I cut into tiny pieces and sewed on individually. The daisies are buttons, as is the bee.

H is for House.
This one took a similarly long time. The black trim was originally going to be quilt binding, which proved to be too thick and apt to fraying for this purpose, so I used little strips of felt, instead. The middle of the sun is a button, as are the flowers; the little plaque on the right is also a button that says "Home Sweet Home."

W is for Whale.
The whale's got a googly eye, and the fish are buttons. The seaweed and waves are ric rac, and the bottom of the seaweed has a variety of seed beads and sequins.

I've got another page about halfway done, but I'll wait til I have the rest of the pages before posting anything more on this project. What do you think so far?

*Obviously the many buttons and small parts are a choking hazard; I'm sure it will be implicit, but the book will be given with a note about it being meant to be looked at with close supervision. I also made sure all small pieces were firmly attached fo ensure as much safety as possible.


"Dave Schultz" said...

oh. emm. gee. so cute!!

Salinda said...

This is incredible. So cute. And so much love in each stitch!

Toby said...

GODDDDUH! Show me the damn futon cover and pillowz.




David said...

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