Game On!

As you may recall, the first time I went to a hockey game in the Tri-Cities, I fell in love. By now Chris and I have gone to a dozen or so games, but we keep track of the team even when we're not at the games. I visit the team's website several times per week, and I regularly read a blog with awesome game commentary. Chris and I have a lot of discussions about hockey, hockey games, and the Tri City Americans, and a game is just not as good if we don't get to sit in our favorite section (which is N, if you're curious). Despite having been to so many games, the excitement never gets dampened, and in fact I think they're more fun as we understand more about what we're watching, and as we feel more connected not only to the team's progress, but to other fans, too.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what it is about this sport and team, specifically, that interests me so much, and honestly I haven't figured it out yet. It's surprising to most people who know me that even on a Monday I am SO EXCITED to go to a game on Friday, not just because I'm a homebody, a total nerd, and I normally dislike loud places, but also because I have never been a sports person. Ever. I think part of the draw is, as I said, the feeling of being connected with a community. Part of it, too, is getting to know the experience: in which period certain announcements happen, becoming familiar with the songs that play. Being able to predict or expect something and then watching it happen makes me happy.

The Tri-City Americans' Team Logo.

It should not surprise you, then, that I took this love affair with the Americans to fangirl levels and combined two of my favorite things: knitting and hockey. It took me a few tries, but I was finally able to use a South American Chullo pattern, Vanna's Choice acrylic in appropriate colors, and a graph paper chart to do my first color-stranded knitting. Behold, my handmade team gear:

Front view.

Front detail

View from the back. Those amorphous blobs are supposed to be stars, natch.

Back detail

I'm so proud. It's held up pretty well for the last three or four games I've worn it at. I may need to make another for next season, though, depending on how long these playoffs last. For a (maybe) prototype, I think it turned out pretty well though, eh?


Toby said...

Heyyyyyyyuh. It looks cool! I really like it!

"Dave Schultz" said...

ohhhh emmmm geee. That is so stinkin cute. If I didn't look like a complete tool in those kinds of toques I'd commission one. I might anyways, my sister wears hats like that. SO amazing.

and thanks for the shout out!