Portland Goodnesss: Part Two

A few days before going to Portland, I came across Yarnia's Facebook page. Intrigued, I went to the website and dubbed it the coolest yarn shop ever. Yarnia, "Portland's only DIY yarn store," has tons of different fibers that you choose and combine to create your own yarn. Awesome, right? Furthermore, they charge by the pound, so it's pretty good bang for your buck. My Portland companion and middle school friend, Toby (Hi, Toby!) agreed to go during my visit.

Tucked underneath and between other businesses, Yarnia was a bit hard to spot, but we found it eventually. Once inside, I was awed by all of the different colors and fibers. It was a virtual mecca of yarn.

About half of the fiber selection.

I wandered around pondering colors and fiber content and started picking cones to make up my special yarn. As I wandered, I noticed a few awesome things:
  • A color stranded knit banner with the store name, which I really wish I had a photo of.
  • A pitcher full of multi-colored knitting needles for customers to knit a swatch with their yarn, before it is combined, to ensure perfection.
  • A healthy selection of knitting books for reference.
  • Examples of knitted projects and the cost to knit them with yarn from Yarnia. You can see one of these in the photo above.
After about half an hour, I had chosen my yarn: different blue and turquoise wools, a navy rayon, and a single strand of silver Lurex. The shop owner helped figure out how much I wanted by my fairly abstract description of "Enough to knit a hat and scarf," which I figured would be a decent amount to be able to knit most small projects. It turned out to be about a pound and a half, and I paid under twenty dollars for all that yarn. It took about ten minutes for the yarn to be spun together and onto a cone, and then we were on our way.

My precious.

On our way out, Toby and I noticed another cool shop sign in the window, which was embroidered with yarn:

Yes, those letters are yarn. Impressive!

Everything about this store was so nifty. It was like the owner had thought of everything that a fantasy yarn store would have, and made it happen. Overall, it was a fantastic way to spend an hour, and I had so much fun playing with different possibilities, not to mention spending so little money for so much custom yarn. I'm really looking forward to going back next time I visit Portland.

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Becky said...

Despite not being a yarn person, I have to say I love the name of that last shop!