Another One Bites the Dust

I have a new obsession: the Twilight series*.

I was able to avoid it for long enough, but eventually my curiosity got the better of me, and I downloaded the Twilight audio book to entertain me on my drive to Portland a few weekends ago. I figured, if I didn't like it I could listen to something else, but I wouldn't waste any time that I could have been spent doing something else - and driving is boring, no matter how you slice it. I was skeptical for the first hour or so, but then got so involved in the story that I barely noticed the subsequent highway driving and had a grand time. I couldn't wait to get back in the car and make my way home so I could hear more. The audio book was longer than a round-trip drive to Portland, and I've been listening in snippets as I drive to and from work and school, occasionally spending lunch hours in my car with Bella and Edward. I was hoping to finish it by the time Twilight came out on DVD, and I barely made it. On Friday, the release date, I went to a Redbox first thing in the morning and watched Twilight twice that day.

Now. Don't get me wrong, I get the criticism that the movie was really slow and angsty and pretty awkward in places. That's mostly true. It probably won't win any awards, but I was still captivated by it. Compared with the book, it goes much faster, and a few plot points are changed. Also, I wish they'd have developed Bella and Edward's relationship a bit more. In the movie, it went from Edward detesting Bella to being consumed by her in about five minutes. Overall, I really enjoyed both the book and the movie, but I think I like them in different ways.

Now I've begun New Moon, again in audio book format. This one is much longer than Twilight at around twelve hours, so I think it'll take me more than a month of tooling around town to get through it. Maybe I'll have it done by the time the movie version comes out.

*I know I'm late to the party, but if you love Twilight and want to gush over it, drop me a line.


Sarah said...


I LOVE the books! SO good... I read them on a whim this summer, and finished too soon... I had to wait on the 4th one. Glad to hear you like them! It's refreshing to read a love story like that...

Becky said...

I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with it-- I liked the books, mostly, well enough. Although I really don't think they were that great from a literary standpoint, there's just something about them that really sucks you in (no pun intended). Some of my friends and I were discussing them not too long ago, and decided that it has to be the awkward teenager connection--that any girl who's lived through high school can relate. I haven't seen the movie yet, but one of those friends I was discussing it with caved and bought it and so we're going to watch it on Friday night.

Toby said...

geek alert, geek alert. eeooooeeeoooeeeooo!