Your Bones Got a Little Machine

This, I think, is the third in a series of lazy weekends during which I only get dressed about once over three days (I don't work Fridays, so every weekend for me is a three-day). I haven't been sick, just feeling rather in need of a life hiatus and to watch an unhealthy amount of television in my pajamas (the video games aren't helping my desire to hang out at home, either).

This weekend, we kicked it off by breaking in our fancy new antenna (prior to buying which we got absolutely no TV reception) and watched Ugly Betty and Private Practice with the rest of the U.S. and not online days later, as per usual. In addition, we watched Total Recall, Die Hard, Righteous Kill, lots of Arrested Development, and The Goonies. Oh, and some Sopranos. See? Unhealthy amount.

I suppose that I'm selling myself a little short by proclaiming this a do-nothing weekend: I also did our taxes. We ended up with a refund, and a celebration was had by all.

Last night on spur of the moment we decided to go to a hockey game, which is our second since I last posted about them. It was a perfect way to get out of my head, and included three (!) fights, some delicious nachos, and a 6-0 win.

So, for lack of any other notable updates - talk to me: Have you done your taxes yet? What do you do when you're in a funk and feeling lazy? Got any movie suggestions for me?

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