25 Things...

...about me in the form of random facts, habits or goals. This one has been making its rounds and has been done by many, many other bloggers. Since I'm bored at work this morning, here's mine:

1. I freak out if I inadvertently touch mold. I have to wash my hands, immediately and repeatedly, upon contact.
2. There is a Swiffer Duster in my car for the express purpose of cleaning the dust off of my dashboard.
3. Jennifer Aniston annoys me so badly that I am unable to watch anything with her on the cast. Ditto Kate Hudson.
4. When I was eight or nine, my aunt took me to get a corkscrew perm that resembled an afro in practice. There exist professional photos of me immediately after getting said perm in a denim cowgirl outfit. With fringe, natch.
5. Until my pre-wedding Mary Kay makeup lesson, I was unaware that the idea behind multiple eyeshadow colors in one package was to put one on the eyelid, one on the brow bone, and one in the crease.
6. I won the school spelling bee in fifth grade, then made it to the second round in the Alaska State Spelling Bee by correctly spelling "jauntily."
7. I was supposed to have been named "Roxy," but my mom changed her mind after I was born. I have wondered whether/how my life would have been different if I wasn't named Amanda.
8. Sometime in the last few years and without any good reason, I began to be disgusted by and therefore unable to drink milk.
9. I get nauseated when I enter hospitals. Any hospital, anywhere. Nausea. This was especially problematic when I worked in a hospital for a few months, but it never did subside like I hoped it would.
10. One of my biggest fears is to be smelly. I take great pains to ensure that I never stink; and if at any point I do smell bad, I am mortified for days.
11. While doing anything on the computer, you might find me spacing out and placing the cursor at the exact middle of a word or phrase, or aligning the mouse arrow in corners or edges of things on my screen.
12. As a kid, I used to enjoy playing library, video store, and office. By myself. The first two "games" mostly involved alphabetizing any and all books or videos I could find and arranging them in a pleasing manner, then creating a check-out log, assigning account numbers, and finally, checking out books or videos to myself. "Playing office" included talking on an old phone to no one, making forms, scribbling a fake signature on notepads, and "typing" on one of these, which made sounds just like a keyboard. Not terribly unlike my current office job, really.
13. If you leave the shower curtain open after showering, I just might kill you.
14. I constantly crave, and could eat any/all day, a tomato-corn salad and cheese fries from a specific restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska. One day I will attempt to replicate their corn vinaigrette for home consumption.
15. I love and use my Kitchenaid stand mixer more than I thought possible, and probably more than I would feel comfortable expressing in mixed company. It averages out to be more than once daily, I'm afraid.
16. At my peak, I had fourteen piercings. I only wear seven now, though.
17. I collect postcards and buttons (of the sewing variety, not the pinback type).
18. I have the horrible habit of cracking all of my joints, multiple times daily. All of my dad's family does this, and it's probably where I picked up the habit to the degree I have it.
19. I still have nightmares about The Wheelers from Return to Oz.
20. I was in the school orchestra for three years during 6th through 8th grades. My chosen instrument was the cello, but I lived in fear of having to play a solo because I was really horrible and could barely play, much less tune, my instrument. In the eighth grade I took two periods of orchestra to avoid having to take P.E. and still did not improve. I subsequently gave up the cello.
21. I abhor the phrase "my other half" in reference to someone's significant other. You are whole. Your significant other? They're whole, too. You are two people, not halves of one person. The phrase is just kind of TMI for me, especially when used by people I don't know.
22. I started wearing Dansko Professional clogs in high school and am virtually unable to wear other types of shoes, now. I have no idea how shoes besides these are supposed to fit and look, and what you're supposed to wear them with. Danskos go with everything. Done and done.
23. I think that macaroni & cheese in spirals or shapes (Scooby Doo, Spongebob, et al) is more satisfying than regular macaroni.
24. I am a typography nerd and troll DaFont.com on a regular basis to download fun new fonts.
25. I worship at the altar of Ikea like it's my own personal god. I will go through hell for the chance to spend a few hours there buying cute, cheap crap.


Becky said...

Facebook is where I've been seeing this one make the rounds. But I completely agree about the macaroni-- the spirals just always tasted better than the tubes. And I love DaFont!

Ari (Baking and Books) said...

#7 made me laugh. My dad wanted to name me Natasha but at the last minute my mom wouldn't let him do it. I too wonder whether my life would have been different as Natasha. :)

Candi said...

I've always wanted a Kitchenaid just because it is so pretty looking, but honestly other than baking I have no idea what I would do with it. What sorts of things do you use for?

amanda said...

Candi - Ummm mostly baking. Only baking. I bake a lot, apparently. But now I make homemade bread, which the machine kneads itself, so it's very little work. Also mashed potatoes, and frosting a few times. Oh, and whipped cream.

Amy said...

Hey Amanda, I found you via the Rainy Day Templates site. Your blog looks adorable! Seems like we have some interests in common (geekery, creativity, and I'm in grad school for social work). Looking forward to following along :)