We'll All Float On, Alright*

I almost hesitate to post this, because then you'll know what a nerd I am. I guess you probably already know, I'll just cement it. Here we go:

Chris and I have been amusing ourselves for the past two days with an X-Box 360 and Rock Band 2. I was incredibly adverse to buying an X-Box to begin with, because A) Who has time to sit around and play games? B) If we did have time to sit around and play games, it would probably be better spent, I don't know, cleaning the house or walking the dogs, and C) Three hundred dollars? For a game system? That will serve as a procrastination/time wasting tool? The hell???

I'm sort of ashamed to say that I was the one who initiated the Rock Band purchase and who has been jumping at the chance to play even more than Chris has. So far, we've been playing in a band as Dr. Girlfriend (me), the singer who can reach pitch but sometimes not get the words out (it turns out all you MUST do to get points - at least on the easy setting - is match the pitch. One needn't clearly say the lyrics, which has resulted in more than one song being "sung" in pitch-perfect gibberish by yours truly), and Toki (Chris) the guitarist. It's been a really fun way to spend time together and hanging out.

Truth be told, though, I have felt guilty spending so much time on activity that doesn't allow me to cross something off of my to-do list, but it has been nice to just relax. Really relax. Usually, when I "relax," I'm watching TV or a movie while knitting, folding or sorting laundry, or thinking of things I could or should be doing rather than sitting there. So spending some mindless time enjoying myself and not taking care of responsibilities has been rather rejuvenating. Something I tend to forget, since I have so little time at home, is that I don't HAVE to spend each moment striving for perfection in tidiness of the house or the like. I can let some things slide and give myself a break.

So I think I'll go give myself another break. Probably for the entire afternoon.

*We keep getting "Float On" by Modest Mouse handed to us in set lists and though it's a very good song, the fact that it's stuck in my head is driving me crazy.


Sarah said...

I love that song, but am a rockband virgin... lol, prolly a good thing since I have no rhythm.
My relax tool is blogging... it's a good recharge for me, even if I do spend too much time doing it sometimes.

Dee Light said...

We have Guitar Hero World Tour and we love it. Such a fun way for us to all spend time together. But my favortite is Wii Fit.

I guess theres a little nerd in all of us.

hectic-electric said...

...Aaaaand I laugh at you.

Cesia said...

I have the exact. same. problem.

The thing is, its actually made us "cooler." (I know.) Now we have a reason to have all of our friends over! (Before, I shuddered to host people. But now that the evening doesn't revolve around a badly cooked dish, I don't mind!)


Oh, and Float On is one of the least annoying songs you'll get stuck in your head. :)

- Cesia