It's Just That Kind of Day

When I came home on my lunch break today, I threw together the ingredients for a chicken, rice, and broccoli dish and put them into the slow cooker on low for tonight's dinner. This was partially because I was feeling industrious and partially because I knew that I would be in class until late evening, and wouldn't feel like cooking (oh, and Chris is bedridden with a thrown-out back, so he couldn't cook) when I got home. I was excited to have a hearty and hot meal after class, and broccoli and rice is one of my favorite combinations.

It sounded so good that when I got home and smelled... well... you know how cooked broccoli sometimes smells like... farts? Even that didn't dissuade me from going directly to the slow cooker, only to find our dinner had turned into brown mush. It got burnt and cooked much too long at much too high (yes, high - not low as I had intended) and now it sort of resembles stuffing. A really pasty, sticky stuffing.

But y'know what? We ate it. And it didn't taste that bad... and at least now we know what to do for next time. I think I'll have some ice cream for dessert, though, just so I'll have eaten something delicious today.

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Sarah said...

Oh no!

It happens to the best of us... I did the same thing with a risotto-type rice goodness dish... It was bad news bears.

At least you didn't just throw it out and go get fast food...