The End of Christmas

As you may recall, I posted previously about the gifts and other crafts I had been working on for Christmas. The closer it got to Christmas, the less time I had, and I am only just now getting around to writing about what else I made. Here we go:

1) Stockings for myself and Chris
Chris' stocking

Both stockings flanking my bird painting, above our table.

My stocking

Our initials hanging on them are ornaments; as I thought, I didn't end up having time to stitch the initials on with yarn like I wanted. Maybe I'll get to them next year. Additionally, I may end up having to line them with fleece or similar, they are very stretchy and as a result lose their shape and stability when they are filled. I'm trying to decide whether I care about this enough to spend the time lining them.

2) Bottling up and making labels for the extracts:
All of the bottles together, awaiting their boxes.
Homebrewed Lemon Extract: Made with real fruit!

Homebrewed Orange Extract: Made with real fruit!

Homebrewed Vanilla Extract: Made with real beans!

I designed these labels in Microsoft Word and printed them out onto cardstock, then attached them to the bottles with clear contact paper. The bottles were packaged in dollar-store tins on top of packaging shred (also from the dollar store) and wrapped with ribbon. They were all well received, and I'm waiting to hear back about the results when used in baking.

3) Journals: one for myself, one for my sister-in-law, and two for friends
One of the friend journals is on the left, mine is on the right.

The endpaper of the friend's journal.

This was my first foray into bookbinding. It was more tedious than expected, and I had a lot of screwy parts where the glue seeped out and stuck things together, but I was able to correct most of those issues. I suspect I would enjoy it more if I were making one book at a time instead of four.

I'm sure you've noticed that there are only two journals pictured; this is because I gave out the other two before photographing.

I have to admit that I didn't do so well with the picture-taking this time. In the rush to complete gifts for various get-togethers, I neglected to capture the following things:

4) My dad's black and gold mittens, to match this hat:
5) The Blurb books we made with all of our wedding photos and gave to our parents
6) The six boxes of various cookies we made and gave out to each family. In them were: honey-peanut butter cookies, icebox spirals, brownie bites, chocolate-dipped shortbread, and sugar cookie cutouts. that's it! I'm starting to think of things to make for next year. I may start making surprise balls to give out to all the kids for next Christmas now, as I'm sure I'll become disenchanted with them fairly quickly and need to take many breaks.


shawna said...

Wow- you have many talents. i love the painting, did you do it yourself?
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amanda said...

Shawna: I did! Thanks for your comment!