Hoarding for the Holidays

The holiday season always inspires in me the urge to hoard. I have recently found myself at the grocery store on a daily basis adding the most ridiculous things to my cart, just in case. Guava? Sure, I may need it! Eleven cans of chicken stock? Obviously! Heavy whipping cream? Why not!

I think this stems from my mother's similar behavior around the holidays, though hers made a bit more sense. Growing up in Alaska, one wants to spend as little time as possible in the middle of the dark and sludgy winter running to the store for a gallon of milk or carton of eggs, so when we went to the store, Mom would go overboard, particularly in the area of snack foods (this could also be the reason for my desire of late to buy dips and chips and veggie trays). We would have two of everything we might want or need, just so that when we were all cozied up in the warm house and a craving for whatever struck, we wouldn't even have to think about suiting up in pounds of outerwear to brave the cold and snow and venture to the store while risking getting stuck or sliding into something or someone along the way.

For me, however, there is much less snow or cold and hardly any ice to contend with. Living in the desert is an unhappy experience for much of the year, but the one thing I enjoy about it is that the winter is incredibly mild (and short!). So my drive to fill my house (with all two of us living there) with way too many groceries is a bit less Alaskan pioneer and a little more obsessive shopper. Add to that the fact that we live about two minutes from no less than three grocery stores, and that we don't even HAVE to wear boots, gloves, or hats outside, and I just seem like a crazy person.

Does anyone else hoard around the holidays, or is it just me (and my mom)?


Becky said...

Hoarding food isn't really anything I do, unless you count all the desserts that seem to come my way!

I could never live in Alaska. I get cold way too easily--the mid-Atlantic is enough of a frigid icebox to me! (Us and our cold rainy winters, lol.)

Megan said...

I hoard craft supplies during the holidays. All sorts of craft stores now carry little twigs and sprigs of sparkly goodness and there's lots of new sparkly ribbon and leading up to Christmas it all goes on sale! 40% off! 50% off! 60% off! and now a ridiculous 70% off!!! How am I supposed to be able to resist?

Becky said...

Hmm... well, if you count craft supplies... although I hoard those year-round!

Stopping by again to say merry Christmas!