Back in the Habit*

First, before I begin, let me thank you all so much for your supportive comments on my last post. Chris and I are doing better and it gets a tiny bit easier with each passing day. We have moments that are difficult and other moments where we almost forget to be sad, but in all, progress is being made a little at a time. All of the comments I received were so helpful, and I appreciate each one.

However: did you see who left me a comment? Freaking Swistle, you guys! Swistle-whose-blog-is-not-linked-on-the-blogroll-yet-but-whose-blogs-are-on-my-Google-Reader-list-and-are-read-with-fervor-Swistle! I have to admit I'm a little starstruck. Or, the blogger version of it, anyway. Blogstruck? Anyway... Hi Swistle! I like your blogs! (How did you find me?)

...and now I look all John Hinckleyish. I'm not creepy, I promise.

In other news: Christmas is almost here! What the hell? I guess when you spend the better part of three weeks on the zombie grief train, time flies. Thankfully, I'm almost done with the gifts. Eleven days and two pairs of mittens to go. Oh, and four journals, and four sets of labels for our homemade extracts. I think I can make it, even if only by the skin of my teeth.

Today, finally, I finished the last of Chris' presents: the pair of mittens and scarf to match his hat. I got the knitting portion of the mittens done ages ago but had been putting off weaving in the ends.

He's going to get these in pieces: mittens for his birthday on Wednesday, and scarf for Christmas.

I'm also finishing our stockings. I had originally planned to duplicate-stitch our initials onto them after finishing the knitting, but the initials may have to wait until next year. I've never attempted a duplicate-stitch before and therefore don't have a clue how long something like that might take, not that I have a lot of time to allot to decor at this point, anyway. Simple construction of the actual stocking may have to do for this year, but you'll be seeing them when they're finished, like it or not.

How are your holiday preparations coming?

*Yes, I DID just make a Sister Act II reference. Thank you for noticing and not judging me for it.

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