Wallet, Meet Noro.

Ladies and gentlemen, today I am a real, live knitter.

That's right. I have made my first purchase from an actual yarn shop (or LYS, if I'm feeling decadent) rather than my usual haunts of Michaels, Jo-Anns, Craft Warehouse, et al. And that wonderful, wonderful purchase consisted of two skeins of my very first Noro. Behold:

Photo from here - same color and dye lot, though!

This is what my preciouses will look like once knitted up - photo from here.

Previously, when going into Local Yarn Stores, I balked at the prices, thinking, "This is insane! I can get yarn for TWO FIFTY A SKEIN at Michaels!" But that was before I knew that there are differences in fiber and quality, and before I had done any research on what "good" yarn costs. The Noro Kureyon, Kureyon Sock, and all of the Rowan brand stuff I saw was actually cheaper than anything I had seen online - even Ebay. And it's soft and lovely and I can spend as long as I want visiting it all before I chose what to take home.

I am thrilled with myself for getting to this point in my knitting, but also because I've stuck with it for so long (and there's no end in sight). However, now my problems are two: What am I going to do with this scrumptious yarn, and how am I going to afford buying the entire stock of my new favorite yarn source?

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Alicia said...

Oh, beautiful! And I've got no suggestions beyond leaving it in a safe place to be periodically gaze at and pet. Which is what I tend to do with my few expensive yarns. I'm sure you can find something far better for yours!