Trumpy Love

Remember, a long, long time ago, when I promised pictures of the puppy? Well, he's not so little anymore, put here's one of him from when he was a wee bit smaller:

The day he came home, sitting on Chris' lap.

People, I love this dog. Seeing him jump around and act like a crazy person makes all of my troubles melt away. Except when, in his craziness, he is causing more trouble for me. He is always causing trouble for me. My puppy is a hellion.

Ruby, our 4-year-old Chihuahua, had a big box full of toys that she never touched before Trumpy arrived. Now, all of the toys (which clearly belong to Trumpy and are only allowed to be played with or handled by him by punishment of very scary growling or pitiful yelping) are scattered throughout the house, and the tiny king moseys around at his leisure and chews on each of them in turn. He also has developed a fondness for shoes, anything wooden, and any clothing items light enough that he can drag around behind him. In short, he keeps us very busy. He also, very recently, figured out how to jump up onto things:

Please excuse... uh... everything.

I sense that things just got more complicated. Please send help.

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