To Knit, With Love

My "To Knit" list has blown up as of late. I owe this entirely to Christmas shopping, but in two parts: 1) Some of the knits are gifts for others, and 2) while searching for gifts to make others, I find gifts that I would like to make for myself.

Currently, I have one half of a pair of mittens (more on that tomorrow) finished and another 2.5 pairs to go. In addition, I want to make a ribbed scarf and pair of felted clogs or two. Those are for other people.

For myself, I'd like to try a knitted ripple blanket, a stocking each for Chris and me, and a Comfy Raglan Sweater.

Priority goes to gifts, but obviously we need stockings if we're going to fill them, and if everything went happily, I'd like to wear the sweater on Christmas day. Maybe. It's kind of a hefty list, but I'm really hoping that I'll be able to get a lot done this weekend and over Thanksgiving, particularly because we have a long, boring drive to make wherein I'll have eight hours to knit merrily in the passenger's seat. Wish me luck!


Rose said...

Good luck knitting on your long trip. Have a safe one! I have a long sewing list but you are encouraging me to learn to knit. I got a knitting needle set for my birthday in October and a friend gave me some yarn. It may just happen but not before Christmas. I'm a Group #3 member and look forward to reading your blog.

Alicia said...

Good luck! I need to get my christmas list organized and get cracking as well. So much to do!