Happy (belated) Halloween!

Every year since leaving high school, out of habit, I get excited for Halloween. This time of year always brings forward in my mind class parties with a variety of sweet treats, the careful deliberation of a clever and amazing costume, and also, of course, a crapload of candy.

It is unfortunate, then, that every year I'm excited for Halloween, only to realize a week in advance that I have no party to go to, no one to invite to a party of my own, and virtually no reason to dress up. And then I struggle to find something to do to make my Halloween not disappointing. ...and fail.

Until this year!

Though I celebrated in a different way, I had a really awesome day yesterday. First, on route to the movie, Chris stopped at his work, which is next to a used bookstore. I went in and browsed, something I hadn't done in ages and which I enjoyed probably way too much. I bought a few books and resolved to bring some back for credit and another contact high.

Yes, browsing a used bookstore really gets me hot and bothered. Nerd.

Then, we went to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Not Halloween-related, granted, but I enjoyed seeing all of the movie theater employees dressed up, and saw a manager-esque person in a Borat costume. Righteous.

And then there was the movie: different than I expected, more mushy than I expected (especially for something with the word "porno" in the title), less porno than I expected (see previous). Still good, still hilarious, still buying the deluxe edition when it comes out on DVD.

Afterwards, we ran a few errands and came home to prepare for the night. After donning a pink wig and way too much makeup, I helped rig up a chair and sign for our bowl o' candy to hang out on and wait for children.

And then! We went to a hockey game. And it was great fun, the likes of which I never expected to have in this very small, very boring place. We enjoyed it so much we discussed buying season tickets. I surprised myself by having such a good time - I'm a nerd, remember? - but man, do I want to go to another game tonight. We won't, only because Chris has to work early in the morning, but expect there to be more about hockey (not, like, a lot, because that would be boring - but I'll tell you if we go again).

After the game, we came home to find maybe a handful of candy missing from our bowl, but just as likely it was as full as when we left. I was disappointed for a few seconds, all "we spent twenty bucks on candy...why?" but then I realized, score! We get to eat it all. And that's a problem I like to have.

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