The Office Swap

I am a member of Craftster, where they occasionally hold themed craft swaps. Though I have been waaaay to busy to swap for quite some time, when I saw that someone was organizing a swap based on The Office, I couldn't say no.

Maybe that was a mistake, because I had very little time to do the projects I wanted to do and as a result was insanely stressed over it for about a month. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I tell you that the package is finished and in fact was mailed out on Friday. Here's what I made:

A three-hole punch Jim t-shirt, based on this one:

The inspiration was screen printed, but mine was freehanded.

I quite like the way the collar turned out.

A Schrute Farms Beets tote:
Not as ragged-looking as it should be, but still good.

Some Dunder Mifflin personalized business cards, and a huge pile of The Office goodies from the dollar section of Target. And candy, of course.

Ready to seal and send, complete with a letter from Pam Beesley.

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