No Much Soup for You!

Y'know those days where you know you have about eight kabillion things you need to get done, but rather than get motivated and start moving, your ass drags even thinking of getting started?

That's me, today. I have homework, I have a ton of projects to finish at work, I have Christmas gift progress to make, and I have errands to run. All I really want to do is go back to bed.

This weekend, however, I am determined to be productive (and that may also bleed over into today, once I am fully awake). I will:

  • finish one pair of socks (for a Christmas gift)
  • cut the fabric for crayon rolls (for three Christmas gifts)
  • solve the problem of how to print onto iron-transfer paper without a suitable inkjet printer
  • cut out and affix said transfers (to a Christmas gift)
  • do any and all homework
  • clean the shit out of my house - deep clean, organize, beautify
  • decide when and where we'll be for the coming holidays
  • make egg flower soup
I have been very into making homemade soups lately. Last weekend I churned out a huge batch of turkey chili, and a regular sized batch of corn chowder, most of which has been frozen for future quick meals. I'm planning to double up on the egg flower and freeze some of that, too. It's a real challenge lately eating at home - three nights a week I don't get home until 8:30ish, and by then I'm usually past the point of being tired and not in any state to cook. I did keep a couple of small containers of soup in the fridge for lunches or quick dinners this week, which has worked out really great (and fast - 2 minutes in the microwave takes care of it) so far. Anybody have suggestions for other soups to try?

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