My Fifteen Seconds

Speaking of voting and getting free things for doing so, I met a friend for coffee at Starbucks (not the free variety, because I didn't have proof of having voted) today, and on the way out was accosted by a reporter asking if we knew that Starbucks was giving out free coffee to voters. We said yes and were asked to do an on-camera interview.

I was late for work, but I agreed. I was asked if I thought it was a good thing that voters were giving free coffee, and I said, "Sure, it's a good incentive."

She asked, "Do you think people should need an incentive to vote?"

I said, "No, I think people should want to vote, but if they don't and coffee gets them to, well, that's a good thing."

The end.

I feel all weird and self-conscious about it, but I'm kind of hoping that no one I know watches the news and I won't get any crap about it. I also admitted on-camera to having voted for Obama, the end of which I'm sure I'll never hear if any of my Republican relatives see the segment.

What a weird day.


theriperadish said...

I bet you were all kinds of eloquent :)

Did it make it to the news?

amanda said...

I don't know! I had class last night, so I missed even watching to see if it got on there.