The Grinch Who Loathed Christmas

I have spent many days recently planning for Christmas, actively shopping for materials and packaging for presents, and being generally merry. Contrary to previous years, I have not yet griped about Christmas music appearing in stores (already) and am drawn to the holiday aisles of stores instead of avoiding them.

It is slightly surprising to me that it isn't closer to Christmas. I've gotten a lot done already - I wrapped SEVEN presents today! - and when I start to tally up what's left, and how many days I still have to finish... well, it's a long time. I could do nothing for the next month and be alright. I have heard many people remark on the "Christmas creep" this year - the earlier and earlier start to the holiday season. It has been early, yes, but for me, it has been welcome.

You see, I have always been what you might call a "Christmas hater" or maybe even "Grinch." It's not that I hated Christmas itself, or what it represents, but the forcedness of the "holiday spirit" and the family gatherings that no one really wants to be at, not to mention how grouchy people seem to be when one goes out in public all really bother me. Oh, and how busy everyone is trying to shove as many events as possible into such a short time, the Christmas music everywhere, and the all-consuming Christmas-theme. In the past, my main complaint was, Christmas is one day. Why do we need to draw it out over two months?

Now, though, it seems welcome. I'm not sure why, but I'm suddenly yearning for a blazing Christmas tree, baking, my mom's Christmas fudge, the music, wrapping presents, everything. Even those little Cutie oranges, which I don't even like. I want those, too.

I am a little afraid, though, that being so gung-ho about the holiday now means an early burn-out. How long can one really sustain excitement about Christmas, particularly when it begins a month and a half early? I'm hoping that mine lasts until December 26th, at least.

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Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, I'm there with you. I got excited about pulling out the sweaters recently (hey, we're in TX, we only wear sweaters three or four months of the year) and the smell of wood fires and the first Christmas decorations. And I HATE the Christmas creep. I'm not even a big Christmas fan in general and here I am kind of excited. Go figure. So if you figure out what the root cause of this odd excitement is then please tell!