Curse of the Matching Pair

For one of his Christmas gifts this year, I wanted to knit some mittens to match Chris' beloved Jayne Hat, as seen here:

I had never knit mittens before, and had major difficulty with previous attempts, always resulting in frogging of the entire project. I finally finished an entire recognizable mitten, and was ever so proud. It was much, much too big for me, but figured that the size was correct because I was using a pattern for Men's M/L mittens. So I knit another, and was excited when I finished it, because it was My Very First Pair of Mittens. The excitement continued until I compared the two individual mittens:

I'm not sure if you can tell by the picture, but something is Very Wrong with the mitten on the left. It is jumbo-sized, house of mirrors, oven-mitt worthy large. No man would be able to wear it comfortably, except maybe Paul Bunyan.

I have no idea how I skewed the pattern so much, but the second and third mittens I have attempted have turned out much more ordinary-man sized. I'm currently looking for uses for the odd mitten, however, because I don't want to frog it. Using it as an actual oven mitt is out, because the yarn is acrylic and would melt on contact with hot items. Any ideas?

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Riri said...

Put it on then use it to dust!