Very little is as annoying as a botched craft. Last weekend, I started knitting a mitten three times and had to frog all three because the shaping or sizing was weird on each attempt. After the third time, I swore off knitting for good.

This evening, after having solved my printer issues, I decided to print iron-on transfers with designs I made. Then I started ironing them onto onesies for our nephew, and suffice it to say that it did. not. work. So I did what any crafty wife would do: I passed the project off to my husband.

We began with five onesies. We currently have three failed attempts and one in progress. I'm hell bent on one of us getting this right, but even if we figure out how to improve our success rate, I'll have to go out and buy another package of onesies. Grr.

UPDATE: Chris wins at crafting. He got pretty close with the "in progress" onesie discussed earlier, but he triumphed over the last attempt.

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