NaBloPoMo Ho!

I've decided to participate in NaBloPoMo (or National Blog Post Month) in November.

"National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo, is a month long writing exercise intended to occur annually in November...

The rules of NaBloPoMo are simple, although the challenge is set up on an honor system. Participants are required to publish one post on their personal website or blog every day. There is no length requirement, with some posters writing long essays every day and others posting photographs and brief captions. Participants are not permitted to back post or schedule chron jobs to upload posts in the future, but must actively create a post every day for the month of November. "

via Wisegeek

Sounds fun, right? Get ready to get sick of me in November, because I'm going to be here every day.

Also? Having a little trouble with my blogroll. I have about 35 blogs I'd like to link, but I can't get it to work. Anyone have suggestions?

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