NaBloPoMo Ho!

I've decided to participate in NaBloPoMo (or National Blog Post Month) in November.

"National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo, is a month long writing exercise intended to occur annually in November...

The rules of NaBloPoMo are simple, although the challenge is set up on an honor system. Participants are required to publish one post on their personal website or blog every day. There is no length requirement, with some posters writing long essays every day and others posting photographs and brief captions. Participants are not permitted to back post or schedule chron jobs to upload posts in the future, but must actively create a post every day for the month of November. "

via Wisegeek

Sounds fun, right? Get ready to get sick of me in November, because I'm going to be here every day.

Also? Having a little trouble with my blogroll. I have about 35 blogs I'd like to link, but I can't get it to work. Anyone have suggestions?

Inaction Items

What? I've been busy!

I have been neglecting you for almost a month, and I'm sorry. But I have a lot to discuss, and I hope my rambling makes up for my absence.

On to the updates...

Item the first! Upon being offered more money and some gratitude, I decided to stay at my current job. This decision was made mostly on financial grounds, because I need to make roughly what I make now (and I was looking at a pretty drastic pay cut when considering taking another job, due to less hours and having to pay for insurance out of pocket), and though I'm sad that I don't get to start somewhere else from scratch, I did get more responsibility and more credit (in addition to more money) and I feel satisfied with that.

Item the second! I finished knitting my first pair of socks. This is a huge triumph, because they've been on the needles for about a year. I was knitting cuff-down, and I got as far as finishing the first cuff before I got spooked at the rest of the pattern and let them sit for about eleven months. Recently, I picked them back up and understood the directions like it was no thang, but I'm really glad to have them done. They're comfy, too.

As modeled by my chair.

Item the third! I tried the New York Times No-Knead Bread recipe that I keep reading about, and though it was a bigger pain in the ass to make than normal bread*, it turned out really delicious. I made two loaves and froze one, giving me two weeks worth of the yummy english-muffiny goodness.

While rising.

Item the fourth! I have finally settled on a name for this here blog. Inexplicable Candor, from Sublime Irony. I like it better, and I guess I'm not as ironic as Sublime Irony would have had you believe. But I am more inexplicably candid. I think.

Item the fifth! I have outlined a plan and begun procuring supplies for Christmas gifts. Yes, I know it's still October; however, handmade takes longer and I don't like the frenzy that occurs on December 20th and half of my projects aren't finished. Thus, I start early, and have time to revel in the calm that is having everything finished and wrapped before the season reaches fever pitch. I will be posting projects and progress as things get started and then completed.

Item the sixth! Zack and Miri Make a Porno comes out in two days. Chris and I will be arriving early for the first showing, such is our (my?) excitement for this momentous occasion. I might be more delighted by the premier of this movie than the upcoming Harry Potter. [Marginally.] I saw the preview while waiting for Sex Drive to start a couple of weeks ago, and declared Zack and Miri my favorite movie ever, just based on that. Note the inclusion of Craig Robinson of the Office and Seth Rogen of Many Awesome Movies in the cast, as well as the involvement of Kevin Smith as reasons for my fervor. Hell yes.

Item the seventh! Despite several setbacks in the way of communication and U.S. mail snafus, our photographer is mailing out our wedding prints and a cd full of all of our photos today. This means I can finally a) make the photo books I've been yearning for for two months b) frame the prints and put them in our empty hallway, and c) get people the pictures they requested, already. I look forward to it.

*For me, at least. With normal kneaded bread, I use the dough hook on my mixer, which makes it super easy and fast to make homemade bread. This took several rounds of flopping and turning and rising.