With a Vengeance.

I am ever so sorry for the long hiatus. It was brought on by visiting relatives, wedding preparations, wedding drama, and wedding exhaustion. Oh, and then school starting.

I will refrain from heavily recapping the wedding, but I will say this: it wasn't what I expected it to be. I didn't feel how I thought I would, mostly better but I didn't have the "wedding tunnel vision" that I was expecting. Y'know, that maybe some things would be different than I wanted but I wouldn't care because "I AM GETTING MARRIED TODAY"... only I was my same perfectionistic self and overall I was disappointed. For many days following the wedding, I had serious issues which resulted in my inability to eat, really, anything. Or think about anything else. Or have normal sleep.

But things are becoming rosier in my memory as it fades, and for that I am grateful. I have to admit that I am a little scared to see the professional photos in case they jog my memory.

However! There were some good things. My new husband is amazing (and totally hot, to boot), and I'm excited to finally be married. My friends surprised me by saying some really lovely things, and I was amazed by how glad I was to see my family. My mother and brother made me feel like home again while they were here, and being with them and my two best friends since middle school was a really surreal experience.

So now we're settling in. We bought a car, as my old one was awful and unreliable, and I'm over the moon at not having to fret over any car problems for at least six years (because we got the uber warranty, the one that covers everything up to the glove box latch), which is new for me. I had gotten used to having to get my car fixed every few months.

I have been baking and cooking often since things have begun to settle down. This morning I made Amish White Bread, and yesterday it was Banana Muffins. I'm really savoring this long weekend, because once we get back to regular weeks I won't have time to cook a frozen pizza. School started a week ago and I am already inundated with reading and papers and research and I'm trying not to be crazed about finishing it right. this. second. but it bothers me to have unfinished work, even though I have no motivation to do it (how's that work?).

In any case, I am back. With a vengeance.

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