Passion... Fruit?

Since classes started for my school, I am in a new program. It's the Social Work program and I'm learning some really interesting, really inspiring things.

But I don't really feel like I belong there. I am told over and over by those who know me, and who have experience with this field that I'm past these people in terms of familiarity with the field - I just don't realize it. I'm told that I will be a good social worker and a better counselor, that where I am is where I belong. That I should start thinking of myself as a provider.

My classmates all have, and can identify, a Passion (with a capital P). They each have something that they care about, a subject they have researched and considered and are something of an authority on. Anytime we are asked to introduce ourselves, and talk about why we are in the Social Work program, they state their name, their background and their Passion.

I don't think I have a Passion. Does no Passion = wrong for the program? Or does it just mean I haven't found it yet? With most subjects, I play things close to the vest, and talking openly about Passions makes me uncomfortable. Does discomfort with Passion spell my doom in terms of helping others? Or can I help them without exposing myself (not literally. heh.) to others? Is being comfortable showing one's inner self necessary to be helpful to those in need? Will I, in time, feel okay with connecting on a deeper level with people I don't know well?

Stay tuned...

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