Name Change: Impressions

I'm mostly (around 80%, if I were to venture a guess) through with changing my last name. Well, from changing my last name to a second middle name and then slapping a new last name onto the end. This has been problematic, because no one can seem to understand that, no, Maidenname is NOT a first last-name, it's a second middle. The distinction is important, for crap's sake. Or also that when middle initials are used, BOTH MIDDLE INITIALS go there. I have TWO middle names, and ONE last name.

This isn't supposed to be so difficult. Damn, people.

There are three things I feel you need to know, speaking of this name change thing:
1) I am surprised by how many people, upon hearing the new last name, want to talk about Die Hard. I feel very sorry for my father-in-law, whose whole name is the same as a Die Hard character. I only share the character's last name, and it's spelled differently, to boot.
2) When Chris calls me at work, my new name pops up on the caller ID. I get super excited when this happens.
3) Changing your name is a pain in the ass. There, I've said it.

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